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Pay Attention Please ! The course location "London Paddington" is subject to availability . We may change the course location if there is no availability and we will let you know about the location changing directly if it changes. The exact course time will be clear before one week prior to course start date and it might be changed at anytime.
BMC Training provides on 4 Sep 2022 Understanding and Managing Building Services course [Facilities Management Training] in London,UK


This thoroughly practical two-day programme is the ideal course for FM teams who need to develop their understanding of building services in order to ensure:

  • Optimal satisfaction of organisational requirements
  • Efficient and cost-effective maintenance and operation of building services
  • Professional standards of procurement from, and management of, specialist consultants and contractors

Training objectives

To provide a fundamental understanding of building services in the context of:

  • The working environment
  • The success of the core business
  • The health and safety of the occupants
  • Operating cost and environmental impact
  • The optimisation of cost and value
  • Strategies for continuous improvement

Course outlines

Building services fundamentals

  • The function of services in commercial buildings and their importance to the core business 
  • Electrical services 
  • Lighting 
  • Heating 
  • Ventilation and air conditioning 
  • Lifts 
  • Water
  • Understanding IT and communication systems

The provision of comfort and safety

  • Statutory requirements 
  • Health and safety legislation 
  • Control of contractors 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Fire precautions 
  • Legionella, sick building and other risks
  • Business requirements 
  • Understanding user requirements 
  • Matching systems to business needs

Getting the design right

  • What the FM needs to know about design and its procurement 
  • Successful space planning 
  • Relationship between services, space planning and design 
  • Getting the brief right 
  • Supplier selection and management

Operation and maintenance

  • Input and output specifications 
  • Resource options 
  • Contracts principal elements 
  • Tendering key steps 
  • Selection criteria 
  • Operational criteria 
  • Maintenance trends
  • Performance-based service provision 
  • Input and output specifications 
  • KPIs and thresholds 
  • Risk containment 
  • Value-add opportunities 
  • Performance contract strategy

Contingency planning

  • Being ready for the unexpected
  • Identifying and reducing risk 
  • Internal risks 
  • External risks 
  • Identifying threats at your site
  • Managing risk 
  • Protective systems 
  • Occupier obligations 
  • Fire management 
  • Testing

Commissioning services systems

  • Physical commissioning
  • Common problems
  • Typical costs
  • Commissioning stages
  • Continuous commissioning
  • Energy efficiency and the scope for environmental improvement

Satisfying the occupants

  • Obtaining and responding to feedback 
  • When to get feedback 
  • Why 
  • How 
  • What to do with it
  • Practical exercises

Air time

  • Sharing experience and addressing specific issues of interest to participants
  • Course review

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Course Details
  • Code FMT2
  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    Sep 4 2022 - Sep 8 2022
  • London , London Paddington
  • +44 2087206971
  • [email protected]

Fees Per Person

5950 GBP + VAT
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