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Mastering Global Logistics Training

BMC Training provides a training course in Mastering Global Logistics in Warehouse , Logistics , Supply Chain and Inventory

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  • London
    24 - 7 - 2022
    18 - 8 - 2022
  • London
    7 - 8 - 2022
    1 - 9 - 2022
  • London
    18 - 9 - 2022
    13 - 10 - 2022
  • London
    16 - 10 - 2022
    10 - 11 - 2022
  • London
    13 - 11 - 2022
    8 - 12 - 2022
  • London
    18 - 12 - 2022
    12 - 1 - 2023


The world of logistics is constantly evolving, so this comprehensive course represents the current trends, best practices and latest thinking in global logistics. It serves as a forum allowing the contributors, a range of acknowledged sector specialists, to discuss key logistics issues and share their authoritative views. It includes guidance on collaboration; energy and its relationship to logistics; sustainability in a wider sense; outsourcing; and humanitarian logistics.

On completion of this practical course you should be able to: 

  • Gain knowledge on the design and management of logistics processes and the integration of those processes upstream and downstream with those of suppliers and customers.
  • View the business of the future to be market-driven, with logistics processes, finding a critical means for achieving corporate goals.
  • Identify the new directions in logistics and discuss the new competitive frame work.
  • Apply and discuss the best practices in logistics and supply chain management.
  • Define the role of incentives in the exchange process and differentiate between collaboration and competition.
  • Identify the Fundamental concepts of supply chain management and measurement and define specific metrics across the chain.
  • Discuss the Changes in the demand for logistics services and determine the opportunities and pressures for logistics providers in a new Europe.

Course Outline

New Directions In Logistics

  • The emergence of the value-conscious customer
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • The organizational challenge

Best Practices In Logistics And Supply Chain Management

  • The essence of the phenomenon of best practices in business
  • Transferring best practices - one solution fits all?
  • The best practices - between the hammer of economic demands and the anvil of corporate social responsibility
  • Where do Central and Eastern Europe countries come from? From the world of worst practices!
  • Where are CEE countries going?
  • The case of Poland
  • The best practices - the Holy Grail of contemporary business?

Trends And Strategies In Global Logistics

  • Trend research
  • Megatrends
  • Conclusion and outlook

Incentives And The Strategic Management Of Suppliers

  • Collaboration vs. competition and the role of incentives in the exchange process
  • Incentivization and the question of make vs. buy
  • Incentivization and the relationship management choice
  • Incentives and the role of contract
  • Incentives and the impact of internal politics

Time Compression In The Supply Chain

  • Time compression and competition
  • The time compression approach - competitive advantage
  • The time compression approach - cost advantage
  • The time compression approach - technology advantage
  • The time compression approach - customer focus
  • Benefits of time compression
  • Examples of the application of time compression
  • Time compression and the future

Building More Agile Supply Chains

  • Operating circumstances requiring agility
  • The categorization for operating environments
  • Mitigating the minefield of pitfalls

Using Marketing And Services Strategies For Logistics Customer Service

  • Logistics customer service today
  • Elements of logistics customer service
  • Strategies for logistics customer service
  • An example from online retailing

People Powering Contemporary Supply Chains

  • Opening comments
  • The people that drive contemporary supply chains
  • Dynamic alignment control
  • Finding the behavioral metric - key to unraveling the puzzle
  • Now the head of the dog is back in control
  • But the 'forces of darkness are lurking'
  • Supply-side alignment
  • Hybrid supply chains
  • Reverse logistics

Creating Shareholder Value Through Supply Chain Management

  • Financial performance and its drivers
  • Linking supply chain management and financial performance
  • Framework to identify initiatives that create the most shareholder value
  • Difficulties in improving supply chain financial performance
  • Improving the financial performance across the supply chain

Outsourcing: The Result Of Global Supply Chains?

  • Definition
  • Reasons for outsourcing
  • How different is the public sector from the private sector with regard to outsourcing?
  • The pitfalls in outsourcing
  • Global supply chains and the outsourcing risks

 Risk In The Supply Chain

  • Risk management and the supply chain - a new perception!
  • Objective and process of risk management
  • From an enterprise perspective to the supply chain perspective
  • Risk assessment and control along the supply chain
  • Implementation in practice

Supply Chain Vulnerability, Risk And Resilience

  • Supply chain vulnerability: an idea whose time had come
  • Supply chain risk management: a recipe for confusion
  • Risk: the great divide
  • Supply chain resilience: a holistic view
  • Supply chains and wicked problems

Information Systems And Information Technologies For Supply Chain Management

  • Functionality of IS/IT in SCM
  • Strategic issues of IS/IT in SCM
  • IS/IT adoption for SCM
  • IS/IT utilization in SCM

Improving Management Of Supply Chains By Information Technology

  • Coordination of supply chains with information technology

Delivering Sustainability Through Supply Chain Management

  • Purchasing or procurement
  • Production or manufacturing
  • Distribution and warehousing
  • Use and maintenance
  • Dispose or reuse and recycle?
  • Managerial and financial sustainability

Performance Measurement And Management In The Supply Chain

  • Keeping score - a basic management principle
  • The balanced scorecard - the standard for goal setting and measurement
  • Fundamental concepts of supply chain management and measurement
  • Mastering the complexity of supply chain and logistics performance management
  • The principle of input and output measures
  • Setting goals across the chain through service level agreements
  • The delivery, recovery and stewardship model
  • Defining specific metrics across the chain
  • Future directions in performance measurement

Optimizing The Road Freight Transport System

  • Assessing the utilization of vehicle fleets
  • Factors constraining vehicle utilization
  • Measures to improve vehicle utilization

Retail Logistics

  • The evolution of the logistics concept
  • Logistics and competitive strategy in retailing 
  • Differences in logistics 'culture' in international markets 
  • The internationalization of logistics practices
  • The future

Internet Traders Can Increase Profitability By Reshaping Their Supply Chains

  • Internet trading is forecast to account for a quarter of all purchases in 2006
  • Customer satisfaction is less than satisfactory
  • Integration of business processes has-not always received enough attention
  • Moving away from traditional supply chains adds complexity but provides an opportunity for profit
  • How can internet traders take advantage of opportunities?
  • Opportunity waiting to be exploited

Time As A Trade Barrier

  • Time, logistics and trade - how are they related?
  • Econometric analysis
  • Policy implications and conclusions

Learning From Humanitarian Supply Chains

  • Disasters are challenging learning settings
  • Humanitarians and their supply chains are different
  • Corporations moving in to help find they can also learn
  • The value of cross-sector learning
  • Lessons for companies

Global Sourcing And Supply

  • Growth in global trade
  • Global sourcing as a way to change business strategy
  • Identifying and selecting sources
  • Commercial models
  • International logistics
  • Flow management
  • Organization design
  • Information technology
  • Operational excellence
  • Risk management
  • Critical success factors
  • Global sourcing - sustaining the trend

International Road And Rail Freight Transport Activity

  • Recent international trade activity and transport: economic factors and trends
  • Recent trends in international freight transport volumes by road and rail
  • International road freight transport: recent developments and challenges
  • Factors influencing recent trends in international rail freight transport
  • Concluding remarks

The Changing Supply Of Logistics Services - A UK Perspective

  • UK market trends
  • Market structure – continuing consolidation and globalization
  • The EU25 - new market opportunities and threats
  • Transport policy issues

Developments In Western European Logistics Strategies

  • Changes in the demand for logistics services
  • Market structure of logistics service providers
  • Transportation in Europe
  • Opportunities and pressures for logistics providers in a new Europe

Logistics In China

  • The major areas of improvement
  • Challenges in developing modern logistics
  • Concluding remarks

Logistics Strategies For Central And Eastern Europe

  • Conditions of economic development of CEE countries before 1990
  • Development of logistics in the period of transition and after joining the EU
  • Logistics strategies in CEE countries

North American Logistics

  • North American logistics: a regional realm
  • North American gateways
  • North American corridors and inland fright distribution
  • Inland logistics
  • Corporate logistics and its role in North American freight transportation - three cases
  • A freight and logistics policy framework

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