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Sales Professional Certificate Training

BMC Training provides a training course in Sales Professional Certificate in PR , Customer Services , Sales and Marketing

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Start Date
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  • London
    13 - 9 - 2020
    17 - 9 - 2020
  • London
    18 - 10 - 2020
    22 - 10 - 2020
  • London
    1 - 11 - 2020
    5 - 11 - 2020
  • London
    20 - 12 - 2020
    24 - 12 - 2020


This program is designed for:

Salespeople, sales support, as well as potential candidates for sales positions who want to build and revitalize their existing selling skills.


  • Identify the behaviors and skills of a successful sales professional.
  • Apply a structured and tested sales process to maximize every sales opportunity.
  • Understand prospecting basics and be able to conduct a sales call.
  • Use appropriate questioning techniques and listening skills which will lead to a reduced level of objections and an increased level of sales.
  • Make presentations that meet both organization objectives and the needs of the audience.
  • Anticipate objections and work up strong responses.
  • Describe different types of selling models.
  • Choose a closing technique to earn the business.
  • Draft a formula to achieve sales goals.
  • Manage the customer relationship on an ongoing basis.
  • Differentiate themselves from competition through building better customer relationships and the use of customer care philosophies.


The Changing Business Environment

  • Evolution of Personal Selling
  • The New Sales Competencies
  • Behaviors, Characteristics and Skills of a Successful Salesperson
  • Assessing Performance According to Specific Sales Indicators
  • The 10 Root Causes of Sales Problems
  • Personal Selling Profile

Preparation and Self Organization

  • Personal Management
  • Time Management for Sales People
  • Understanding the Psychology of Selling
  • Developing a Strategy for Sales Success

The Sales Process

  • Effective Prospecting and Pre-Visit Research Using Teleblitz
  • Characteristics of Different Aelling Models, Types and Atructures
  • Setting Goals Based on Your Sales Quota and Plan
  • Analyzing the Territory and Conducting Account Research
  • Planning Your Calendar to Achieve Sales Goals and Build a Sales Pipeline
  • Identifying Resources and Methods of Generating Leads
  • Delivering Clear and Effective Presentations
  • Handling and Overcoming Objections
  • Achieving Positive Closing Techniques
  • Recognizing Service as a Hard Differentiator

Business Negotiation Skills

  • Understanding the Principles Involved in Successful Negotiation
  • Sales Negotiation and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Building a Value Position and Relationship through Artful Negotiating

Managing the Customer Relationship

  • Service Beliefs and Philosophy
  • Basic Attributes of a Positive Attitude
  • Questioning and Probing Skills
  • Understanding Different Buyer Behaviors Styles and your Own
  • How to Respond to Different Buyers and Different Personalities
  • Strategies to Maintain Communication with a Customer

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