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Code Course title Duration
HCT15 Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care One Week
HCT5 Best Practices in Healthcare Performance Improvement One Week
HCT14 Coaching as a Leadership Style for Healthcare Professionals One Week
HCT1 Healthcare Financial and Accounting Management Skills Two Weeks
HCT4 Healthcare Financial Management One Week
HCT7 Healthcare Hazard Control and Safety Management Two Weeks
HCT16 Healthcare Information Systems Management Two Weeks
HCT11 Healthcare Management Master Class One Week
HCT13 Healthcare Strategic Management Skills One Week
HCT2 Human Resource Management for Healthcare Professionals Two Weeks
HCT9 Lean Sigma Performance Improvement in Healthcare One Week
HCT6 Managing Healthcare Outcomes Two Weeks
HCT3 The Complete Course on Health Policy One Week
HCT8 The Complete Course on Healthcare Performance Improvement Two Weeks
HCT12 The Complete Course on Leading Change in Healthcare Transforming Organisations One Week
HCT10 The Complete Course on Legal Aspects of Health Care Two Weeks
HCT17 The Successful Healthcare Supervisor One Week
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