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Code Course title Duration
FBA156 Accounting Policies and Procedures One Week
FBA109 Accounting, Decision Making, and Financial Communication One Week
FBA158 Accounts Payable - From Accounting to Management Two Weeks
FBA118 Accounts Payable Planning and Organising Practices One Week
FBA119 Accounts Receivable - Planning, Organising and Achieving Best Practice One Week
FBA142 Accounts Receivable and Credit Policies Management One Week
FBA120 Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting One Week
FBA152 Advanced Budgeting Workshop One Week
FBA165 Advanced Financial Modeling for Oil and Gas Two Weeks
FBA116 Advanced Modeling with Excel and Visual Basic for Applications One Week
FBA121 Auditing in the Oil and Gas Industry One Week
FBA122 Budgeting and Cost Control One Week
FBA123 Budgeting, Planning and Management Reporting One Week
FBA124 Business and Financial Modelling One Week
FBA159 Cash Flow Statement Workshop - Preparation and Analysis One Week
FBA141 Certificate in Treasury Management One Week
FBA143 Certified Accounts Assistant One Week
FBA146 Chartered Financial Analyst - CFA Level 1 Preparation Course One Week
FBA125 Cost Analysis to Support Strategic Decisions One Week
FBA170 Debtor and Working Capital Management One Week
FBA105 Developing, Improving and Monitoring the Internal Audit Function One Week
FBA144 Effective Budgeting and Cost Control One Week
FBA111 Effective Budgeting and Operational Cost Control One Week
FBA145 Efficient Finance and Accounting Operations - Best Practices and Updates One Week
FBA113 Fast Closing Month-End and Year-End Accounts One Week
FBA154 Fast Closing Monthly and Year-End Accounts One Week
FBA101 Feasibility Studies - Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation One Week
FBA126 Finance and Accounting for the Oil and Gas Industry One Week
FBA147 Finance for Non-Finance Professionals One Week
FBA110 Finance, Risk Management and Corporate Governance One Week
FBA139 Financial Accounting and Reporting One Week
FBA117 Financial Accounting, Reporting and Business Support in the Oil and Gas Industry One Week
FBA173 Financial Analysis and Investigation Two Weeks
FBA137 Financial Analysis Workshop - A Hands-On Approach One Week
FBA103 Financial Bootcamp for Non-Financial Professionals One Week
FBA127 Financial Data Analysis One Week
FBA150 Financial Management Certificate One Week
FBA128 Financial Management for Projects and Contracts One Week
FBA148 Financial Statements Consolidation and Investment Accounting One Week
FBA73 Foreign Exchange Trading Techniques and Updates One Week
FBA114 Foundations of Financial Modeling One Week
FBA169 Fraud investigation, Prevention and Detection One Week
FBA168 Fundamentals of Accounting One Week
FBA172 Fundamentals of Blockchain One Week
FBA107 Integrating Budgeting, Forecasting and Business Planning One Week
FBA151 Internal Control - Compliance, Operational and Financial One Week
FBA129 International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS One Week
FBA157 International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS and Updates One Week
FBA160 Inventory Accounting and Costing One Week
FBA166 Managing the Cash Cycle - Accounts Receivable and Payable Best Practices Two Weeks
FBA112 Masterclass - Advanced Strategies in Oil and Gas Finance and Accounting One Week
FBA130 Mastering Finance and Accounting One Week
FBA115 Mastering Finance for Non-Financial Oil and Gas Personnel One Week
FBA163 Mini MBA - Accounting and Finance Two Weeks
FBA140 Next Generation Excel - Advanced Business and Financial Reporting One Week
FBA153 Payroll - Preparation, Analysis and Management One Week
FBA149 Preparing Financial Statements and the Annual Report One Week
FBA155 Professional Accounting Certificate One Week
FBA138 Professional Skills for Finance and Accounting One Week
FBA131 Review of Financial Accounting and Detecting Fraud One Week
FBA171 Risk Based Internal Auditing One Week
FBA104 Spreadsheet Skills for Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting One Week
FBA132 Strategic Financial Planning and Implementation One Week
FBA164 Strategic Planning, Management Control and Effective Budgeting Two Weeks
FBA167 The 10-day Finance and Accounting MBA Two Weeks
FBA106 The Complete Course on Budgeting One Week
FBA133 The Effective Accountant One Week
FBA134 The Effective Accounts Assistant One Week
FBA135 The Effective Financial Controller - Managing Financial Functions and Improvement Opportunities One Week
FBA102 The Essentials of Budgeting and Cost Control One Week
FBA136 Treasury and Cash Management One Week
FBA77 Treasury Products and Risk Management One Week
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