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BMC Training provides Quality and Productivity Courses in London - Dubai - Kuala Lumpur - Istanbul - Paris - Bali - Houston - Rome - Madrid - Munich - Barcelona - Singapore - Berlin - Hong Kong - Zurich - Washington - New York - Online -

Code Course title Duration
QAP3 ASQ Approved Lean Six Sigma Green Belt One Week
QAP9 ASQ Certified Manager of Quality - Organizational Excellence Refresher One Week
QAP12 ASQ Introduction to Quality Engineering One Week
QAP7 Certified Quality Management Professional One Week
QAP10 EFQM - Journey to Excellence One Week
QAP8 EFQM - Leaders for Excellence One Week
QAP6 Improving Productivity through Quality and Cost Reduction One Week
QAP11 Process Management - Mapping and Improvement One Week
QAP4 Simplification of Work Processes and Procedures One Week
QAP2 Strategic Quality Management One Week
QAP1 Total Quality Management - Tool Box for Continual Improvement One Week
QAP5 Understanding and Implementing Six Sigma One Week
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